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IMG_5579Unlike many consultants, Stephen is speaking directly from experience. The experience of those with whom he works is one of a pragmatist who identifies a pathway, meets challenges head on and develops individuals into a team where values and philosophy dominate. He does this through leadership from the front.”

What is Your Customer Experience costing you?

The father of modern management, Peter Drucker, said:

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”

The simple way to do that is to treat your customers as people, and your people as customers.

I help organisations to do just that.

The approach frequently taken by customer-facing businesses is to invest as heavily as possible in brand marketing, physical infrastructure, and technology, to drive the Customer Experience.

After all, they argue (reasonably), whatever we create needs to be as good as it possibly can be. It needs to be “state of the art”. The more expensive it is, the better it is – or at least, if it’s any good, it’s bound to be expensive.

But – unless the investment in people is also sufficient to create “state of the art” outcomes, it is impossible to maximise return on investment in marketing, physical and tech.

And, too often, investment in people gets squeezed by the cost of marketing, physical and tech.

The answer, however, is simple. The investment you make in your people must deliver the following:

  • Hire the nicest people you can find
  • Give them a breathtaking induction to your organisation
  • Give them training that will give you total confidence that they will do their very best to maximise every opportunity to delight the customer
  • Communicate with them so well that they remain engaged and motivated at all times
  • Reward them, retain them, develop them, and build a culture that will embrace everyone in the organisation

I call this approach POSITIVE Leadership. I’ve developed programmes and tools that help organisations to achieve POSITIVE results.

It starts by identifying what the Customer Experience is costing the organisation. Once you know that, the magic can begin – you can start to build a programme to maximise Return On Investment. I call this “Project STARS”.

The key to it is – don’t think only of the return you need on your investment in “training”: do think of the return you need on your total investment.

In summary:

  • Do you know what your Customer Experience is costing you?
  • Do you treat your customers as people, and your people as customers?
  • Your organisation knows how to measure sales, costs, and profit – but does it know how to measure potential?

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