30 Years; 30 Million Customers

Customer Experience isn’t simply the quality and arrangement of assets. It’s their orchestration”.

I help organisations orchestrate their assets so that everyone and everything plays to their full potential.

“How could you have a soccer team if all were goalkeepers? How would it be an orchestra if all were French horns?” Desmond Tutu

Do you know what additional revenue your Customer Experience could generate?

In 1993, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wanted a unique experience in Buckingham Palace. It was the first time the palace had ever opened as a visitor attraction, and I led a small team in the creation of a beautiful collection of bespoke products, displayed with ingenuity in the confined space of a small temporary building.

After the opening weekend, the shop was all over the national news, creating TV and press headlines. After one week, we had to move the shop to a bigger space – five times the size. After our first season, we had more than quadrupled our budget. And, in our second season, the shop generated revenue over £4m, in just 8 weeks… £6m profit in 5 seasons (just 40 weeks). We changed the face of museum gift shop retailing.

The simple lesson was this: to create POSITIVE results you have to be able to see the potential and create a system for effective implementation.

I help organisations to do just that.

Results Achieved for Past Clients

The National Trust for Scotland: increased commercial profit by 3x, reaching £1.5m on turnover of £10M in 2004

London 2012 Olympic Games (Emirates Air Line cable car): created an infrastructure that served over 30,000 people per day, rating Best Passenger Experience in London

York’s CHOCOLATE Story: a £60k investment turned around this £2m attraction – TripAdvisor rating from 3.5-4.5, via a more coherent experience and engaged team

In summary: Stephen does not cut corners. He builds a business strategy in blocks, putting in a good foundation, the end product being only as good as the parts. He enjoys making things happen and does it with humour, energy, and clear directional thinking. A potent force.”

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