Customer Experience Speaker : Coach : Consultant

I help ambitious organisations like yours increase sales and productivity, through creating POSITIVE Customer Experiences.  I can help you to:

  • Recruit, inspire, motivate and retain people and teams who will deliver the best possible experience of your brand
  • Improve sales through identifying opportunities and creating simple, actionable plans to exploit them
  • Develop products and services that will extend your brand and help you to stand out from the competition
  • Design and develop the spaces where your brand comes to life

To help identify and deliver the results you need, I’ve developed three diagnostic and planning tools:

For Leaders: “The POSITIVE Compass” helps leaders to examine eight elements of the organisation that together set the context for success.

For Organisations: “Project Stars“, the customer-centric organisation model, examines five aspects that shape world-class customer experiences and performance.

For Teams: many organisations fail to maximise their potential due to poor communication. My programme “It’s a Zoo Around Here” will transform the way your teams communicate with each other and with your customers.

All the models use simple and engaging tools to focus attention on priority improvement areas from which strategy and action plans can be compiled.

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“Stephen is an inspiring consultant who  went the extra mile for us and his input has helped us enormously” – Alastair Cunningham, Founder Director, Scottish Clans and Castles Ltd