Transformational Training

“Why is your world of business any different than the (competitive) world of rugby, football, opera, theatre, the military? If people/talent first and hyper-intense continuous training are laughably obvious for them, why not you?” – Tom Peters

  • Are you and your Team in need of a results overhaul?kings-square-phase-one-complete
  • Is training a tick-box exercise for you and your Team or is it an opportunity to reach new heights?
  • Would you like to unlock the latent profit in your Team and your business?
  • Would you like your training programme to be developed, and delivered, by the Team that engaged a nation in raising its service game, created the best passenger experience in London, unlocked £millions of latent profit and inspired Her Majesty the Queen?

We believe that training should be transformational: that it should transform perspectives and emotional engagement in order to transform behaviours and results. We will work with you to create a “Customer Experience Charter” that will ensure that all training programmes in the future will have meaning for your Team. Alternatively, we can deliver one of our in-house programmes to meet your requirements:

Service Productivity Programme

Learn the Secrets of
Learn the Secrets of “Royal Service”

A recent report by workplace charity People 1st revealed that a 1% increase in productivity could drive an extra £1.43 billion revenue to the hospitality industry. This programme will help you and your Team review your current Service philosophy and practices in order to unlock the latent profit in your organisation.

Royal Service Programme

It’s said of HM The Queen that she must believe the world smells of fresh paint – because everywhere she goes has been given a total makeover in order to impress her!

Imagine if you could give every Customer the feeling that you’ve made an incredible effort, just for them? Using our “Royal Service” Model we will help you to design or adapt your Product and Service to do just that, taking your organisation’s culture and specific objectives into account.

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