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Customer Experience: It Started With a Smile…

It’s often said that we don’t “do” Customer Service in this country. In response, I’d say that it’s not rocket science: it starts with a smile, a warm glow, a sense of being valued…and an increased propensity to buy, return, and/or recommend. If you want your Team members to be engaged, and productive, then, you too must be prepared to smile, as you exhort them, “Smile, dammit, smile!”

How to Give Your Customers an Upgrade – For Peanuts

At my hotel this week I genuinely experienced “The Most Unbelievable Upgrade Yet”; just not in the way they meant! I’d suggest that almost any Customer Experience can be upgraded, and not expensively.

The Skills : Productivity Equation – a Golden Opportunity

With People 1st also highlighting the extent to which a lack of soft skills is holding back career development (see graphic) and – AND – the fact that a 1% increase in productivity could drive an additional £1.43 billion revenue to the industry, it seems blindingly obvious that there is a MASSIVE opportunity here.