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Leadership: Corbymania – What have We Learned?

Since Corbyn’s victory, he has moved quickly to put his values into practice: putting together a diverse shadow cabinet and repeatedly talking about the “new politics” where debate is welcomed and the Leader has no divine right to be right.

The challenges he will face – and I make no comment on his politics – will, however be formidable. The harsh reality of Leadership is that you can’t only have opinions on the issues you choose; and, if your Leadership style is based on consensus, you can’t choose to have a consensus when it suits you and be right when it doesn’t.

Eight Leadership Principles For the Party Leaders (and Every Other Leader)

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“Chief Dispenser of Enthusiasm”

Leadership can be lonely.  No, Leadership is lonely.  Those moments when everyone is looking to you to have all the answers.  The times when things aren’t going well, and you have to keep the… Continue reading