Attention To Detail

On Sunday I spent a very pleasant hour in a local café – inserted into the crypt of a stunning renaissance church, the café offers period ambience, wholesome, tasty food, great coffee, the papers, and fast, friendly service. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a memorable, highly recommendable, venue. Attention to Detail

Whilst I was queueing for my lunch, however, I noticed one small detail that wasn’t quite right:

Three Ways to Know Customers Better

I’ve just read an interesting article about how Top Shop is using technology to redesign its stores based on customers’ use of smartphones. Apparently “the system will allow retailers, shopping centres and other venues to gain easier access to customer movement data and to more effectively monetise their assets”. OK – so that’s one way to know Customers better: as some supermarket chains are also doing, you can use technology to monitor their movements, and what, and when, they buy. Then you can realign your store accordingly.

The problem with that approach, is that you will learn what they buy, but not why they buy.