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So, What Would be Unique About a POSITIVE Business Plan?

What do you think of when you hear the words “Business Plan”?
• A dry, weighty document, full of jargon?
• Pages of spreadsheets, showing income and profit projections?
• (Perhaps) a “Mission Statement” on the cover, with (perhaps) a picture of the CEO above it?
• Something for senior management – never to be read or engaged with by the wider Team?

Imagine if your business plan was an inspiring piece of work…

FAO Schwarz: Toys ‘R’nt’ Us any More

It’s a sad day in Toyland. One of the great toy retailing icons of the world, FAO Schwarz in New York, is to close. Its owner, Toys ‘R’ Us, which saved the institution from bankruptcy in 2009, has made the decision to call time on the 150 year-old star of multiple movies, including Tom Hanks’ “Big”.

A Modest Proposal for the High Street #3: The POSITIVE Approach

My two previous posts on this subject have provoked considerable comment – that’s a good start! Most of it has endorsed my proposition that, above all, the High Street needs to rediscover/reinvent the… Continue reading

Center Parcs and the Search for the Missing Link

Controversial as it might sound, I had always thought of Center Parcs as some sort of cult: friends who had visited, colleagues who had worked there, talked long and longingly about their experiences,… Continue reading

“If You Don’t Have a Dream…”

In our previous posts we’ve considered the importance, as a leader, of Knowing Where You’re Going – if you don’t, how can anyone follow you?  And, we’ve considered the need to earn and… Continue reading

Why Authenticity Matters

In my post Trust is the Goal I quoted Graham Dietz: “Trustworthiness consists of three main characteristics: technical competence to perform a task reliably (ability), having benign motives (benevolence), and acting according to… Continue reading

Integrity is the Key

My two posts today will cover the related themes of INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY – two concepts which are, I’d argue, essential to building TRUST in your organisation and confidence in your brand. If… Continue reading