Mourinho v. Klopp: the “Special One” v. “The Normal One”

Not for the first time, football has given us a fascinating contrast in Leadership styles: Jurgen Klopp, the new Liverpool manager, versus Jose Mourinho, the ultra-successful, though currently struggling, Chelsea boss. The Liverpool Echo describes Klopp as a “football geek”, claiming he has “usurped sarky, surly Mourinho.”

As I’ve stated before, Leaders must demonstrate that they know where they are going; they must tell a story; that story must include and engage their followers; they must be humble; and they must be credible. By making his story exclusively about himself, Mourinho now finds himself at risk of losing his credibility.

Trust and Thomas Cook

The news that Thomas Cook has donated £1.5m to Unicef in connection with the deaths of two children during one of its package holidays in 2006 may abate the media storm surrounding the company. On the other hand, the cost to its reputation over the past nine years is incalculable.