“The Most Precious Heritage of Mankind”

I recently presented a case study at an international tourism conference in Zagreb: the theme was Heritage Tourism: How is it Adapting to the New World? and was based in part on an interview I conducted with Robin Worsnop, the founder and CEO of Rabbie’s Small Group Tours and chairman of the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group.

The interview explored Robin’s perspective as a tour operator, and as one of the leaders responsible for developing Edinburgh’s visitor economy. It was a fascinating interview and instructive for any tourism or heritage professional. I reproduce it in full here:

The Future Customer = the Future Business

Understanding how, and why, customers, and their attitudes, aspirations and behaviours will change – even in the next five years – is obviously essential to business. That’s why I focused on the future in two presentations I recently gave at an international conference in Zagreb.

If the future customer will define future business, then it’s essential to define the future customer. Grab a cup of coffee, then read on…

And so To Bed… Laku noć Zagreb

As I prepare to leave Zagreb, I’m excited at the prospect of returning soon, to work with new partners to help Croatia and the Balkan states to realise their potential. It takes hard work, it takes commitment, it takes creativity; but above all it takes a fundamental belief that, regardless of cultural differences, regardless of historical and bureaucratic hindrances, we human beings were put on this Earth to celebrate the miracle of our existence, and to collaborate in order to progress the betterment of our human condition.