Mourinho v. Klopp: the “Special One” v. “The Normal One”

Not for the first time, football has given us a fascinating contrast in Leadership styles: Jurgen Klopp, the new Liverpool manager, versus Jose Mourinho, the ultra-successful, though currently struggling, Chelsea boss. The Liverpool Echo describes Klopp as a “football geek”, claiming he has “usurped sarky, surly Mourinho.”

As I’ve stated before, Leaders must demonstrate that they know where they are going; they must tell a story; that story must include and engage their followers; they must be humble; and they must be credible. By making his story exclusively about himself, Mourinho now finds himself at risk of losing his credibility.

Attention To Detail

On Sunday I spent a very pleasant hour in a local café – inserted into the crypt of a stunning renaissance church, the café offers period ambience, wholesome, tasty food, great coffee, the papers, and fast, friendly service. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a memorable, highly recommendable, venue. Attention to Detail

Whilst I was queueing for my lunch, however, I noticed one small detail that wasn’t quite right:

Leadership: Corbymania – What have We Learned?

Since Corbyn’s victory, he has moved quickly to put his values into practice: putting together a diverse shadow cabinet and repeatedly talking about the “new politics” where debate is welcomed and the Leader has no divine right to be right.

The challenges he will face – and I make no comment on his politics – will, however be formidable. The harsh reality of Leadership is that you can’t only have opinions on the issues you choose; and, if your Leadership style is based on consensus, you can’t choose to have a consensus when it suits you and be right when it doesn’t.

Leaders: Style v. Substance

This month’s Customer Experience Expert newsletter is inspired (if that is the right word) by the Labour Party leadership contest. We’ve seen a number of fascinating elections in recent months, and this one is no exception. But what, if anything, does this leadership election teach us about the nature of leadership?

As usual, the newsletter aims to provide a combination of useful or thought-provoking material, plus some light relief, presented as a quick read.

POSITIVE Leaders Love…Productivity

This month I’m fairly obsessed with the subject of Productivity. It’s not just me – the Government is focussing on it too. Applied to the Service industries, I see the opportunity for greater Team engagement, better Service, and the achievement of what I call Latent Profit, wherever I go. So this month, Productivity is the theme of my newsletter.

Trust and Thomas Cook

The news that Thomas Cook has donated £1.5m to Unicef in connection with the deaths of two children during one of its package holidays in 2006 may abate the media storm surrounding the company. On the other hand, the cost to its reputation over the past nine years is incalculable.

Five “Don’ts” for Leaders

As so much of the tone of the campaign so far has been one of frustrated attempts to get to the detail of the parties’ proposals, I thought I’d make this a “To Don’t” list – for the Party Leaders, and indeed, for any Leader: