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Following the STARS to Customer Experience Heaven

I had an experience this weekend that reminded me powerfully of the importance of what I call POSITIVE Leadership – and the difference a POSITIVE Leader makes.

I reflected that here indeed was (and is) a complete, immersive and high quality, customer experience. It just happens to be a church.

Desperately Seeking Service

Loos, ladies and gentlemen – the one facility we all have to use, several times a day, and of course that includes whilst we are out and about. So no wonder then, that public loos – especially those in civilised places such as shops, restaurants, visitor attractions and so on – are uniformly attractive, often cleverly designed (i.e. on-brand), and ALWAYS scrupulously clean.

(No wait…I must be thinking of a dream I had last night. Another hazard of being a Customer Experience specialist is to dream of signage, litter bins and…er loos.)