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Managing Customer Experience in the Networked Age

Written as every organisation’s guide to the trends, the challenges and the opportunities of an increasingly unpredictable world, my new eBook explains how organisations should think about the future, and use these insights to maximise engagement with, and value from, customers and stakeholders.

The book answers the questions:

  • How has the Information Age changed the way our customers think, feel and behave?
  • What is the Networked Age, and how can we prepare to thrive in it?
  • What are the key future trends that will drive customer behaviour?

It also introduces, and equips the reader to implement, the STARS model of a customer-centric organisation.

80 pages. Price: £8.99 (or read for free with an introductory 30-day trial)

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I hope you will find the book useful. Do share this information, and do let me know what you think of the book!


Sherine ★★★★★

Beautifully written book with real insight into the workplace. Stephen puts his own experiences in his workplaces to show how businesses work. Brilliant book – highly recommended.

Nick ★★★★

In this book Spencer generously shares his Customer Experience process and insights honed working with prestigious consumer organisations. A process he empowers the reader to apply themselves. The experience-driven insights are thoughtfully framed with Spencer’s own take on the transition from the Information Age to the Networked Age. An informative and actionable read for those delivering a retail experience.

It’s A Zoo Around Here

Its a Zoo SS Sm

Whatever your business, effective communication is vital to success. It’s a Zoo Around Here is a simple, fun and practical guide, designed to inspire dramatically better communication.

  • Does your Message ever get “lost in translation”?
  • Are workplace relationships holding productivity back?
  • Do you need to attract and nurture more Customers?

This book will help you and your Team become Zookeepers and dramatically improve your Communication outcomes.

Paperback. 100 pages. WEB PRICE £10 (RSP £15.99) + P&P

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Kelly Culver, #20 Kent’s Top 30 Under 30, Marketing Guru & Entrepreneur

His approach to communication is very unique but is also easily digestible information. I have also purchased his book (co-written with Nigel Risner) which is again – full of useful information! 

Recent workshop participant

Great insight into personalities – have done the Myers Briggs stuff but too complicated – this is great!