Leadership Excellence ultimately determines the success of any organisation or project.  If you want better results the POSITIVE programme is for you – think of it as the ‘Leader’s personal guidance system’.

Based on two decades of modelling and applying best practice, the POSITIVE programme contains all the ingredients you need to develop and lead your organisation, whatever your Mission or the challenges you face.

What does POSITIVE stand for?


P URPOSE – find your Purpose, find your Passion, and Focus on it, in everything you do

O RGANISATION – does Form follow Focus?

S ERVICE – translate your Purpose into a Service Mission

I NNOVATION – create a Culture of Continuous Improvement, be World Class in all you do

T ELLING STORIES – Communicate your Purpose, every day

I NCENTIVE – being World Class is tough!  Incentivise and motivate yourself and your Team

V ERDICT – the numbers are only part of the Story.  What are the Questions you must ask?

E NTHUSIASM – Leadership is lonely!  Find ways to keep going, even when the going is tough.

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“Stephen set out the game plan, explained it to the team, and let them get on with it whilst making sure he had his arms around the detail.” – Ian Preece, Head of Marketing, National Trust for Scotland

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