CX Bites #4: The Three S’s of Post-Covid Business

(Bite-sized information or inspiration, that I have time to write, and you have time to read)

An interesting article published by Knowledge Wharton suggests that the world post-Covid will be “less global and less urban” – i.e. shorter supply chains, fewer people in cities. Result: less prosperity.

My take on this is expressed in three S’s – the way we experience and influence the world and business will be (if we want it to be):

Small : think local, community, personal service, knowing where your food comes from, supporting local businesses;

Sustainable: the old ways were killing the planet. Common sense tells us we need to live, and work, “in harmony with nature not against her”, as HRH The Prince of Wales argues;

Sentient: our experience of the real world around us; facilitated, not replaced, by technology. Think how much more aware of nature you may have been during the lockdown. Personalised customer experiences delivered compellingly and coherently across all five senses, not just two.

To sum up:

We need to take the positives out of the current crisis – we have no alternative. If we are prepared to change our thinking and behaviour we can create, and enjoy, a better world – to the benefit of many generations of our successors too.

Customer Experience isn’t simply the quality or arrangement of assets. It’s their orchestration. I help organisations orchestrate their assets so that everyone plays to their full potential. Read my ebook Managing Customer Experience in the Networked Age, or contact me to find out more.

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