Cultural Holidays: Why Retailers Should Look Further Afield

Source: Cultural Holidays: Why retailers should look further afield – Retail Gazett

This article makes stimulating reading if you have a customer-facing business (you don’t…?) – especially if you’re interested in finding ways to attract more customers, and generate more revenue (you aren’t…?).

Whatever your business, take time over the Easter break* to reflect on the opportunities you aren’t exploring:

  • Is there a festival or event that matters to your customers (or potential customers), that you could logically extend your brand offering to encompass?
  • Is there a specific audience with cultural needs that you could benefit from understanding better than you do?
  • Is there something in the heritage of your brand that could be developed into a celebration or product offering that would add value for your customers?

* I do appreciate that you may be working over Easter – which is possibly one of your most important trading periods – in which case, take time after the break!

The article suggests to me that you should start with a creative brainstorm (involve your team members – if they’re not engaged and excited, your initiative is doomed to fail), and once you have some ideas, do some research:

St George’s Hall, Windsor Castle
  • How big is this market?
  • How would this idea engage with the market (current or new customers)?
  • How do we make it congruent with our brand? (If the answer is, “We can’t”, don’t do it!)
  • How will we tell the story?
  • How will we ensure that we do it properly, with confidence and style? (If it doesn’t work, you need to know that it wasn’t because you didn’t do it properly.)

When the restored, fire-damaged areas of Windsor Castle reopened in 1992, with my team I developed a commemorative range of exclusive products – from ceramics and glassware to books and picture frames.

Windsor Castle Restoration China

To make sure the range was seen by as many visitors as possible, and in the right context, we converted one of our shops into a “Restoration Emporium”. Everything in the shop – which was transformed via a special color scheme and Point of Sale – related to the triumphant restoration and reimagining of the castle.

The range sold.

We’d done it properly.

So over to you: what new, cultural opportunities are waiting for you to exploit them?

“Customer Experience isn’t simply the quality and arrangement of assets. It’s their orchestration”.

I help organisations orchestrate their assets so that everyone and everything plays to their full potential.

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