So, What Would be Unique About a POSITIVE Business Plan?

For #InternationalDayofHappiness, I’m re-posting this: even if you’ve set your strategy and business plan for the new financial year, it’s not too late to make them POSITIVE!

Stephen Spencer & Associates

business-618371__180What do you think of when you hear the words “Business Plan”?

• A dry, weighty document, full of jargon?
• Pages of spreadsheets, showing income and profit projections?
• (Perhaps) a “Mission Statement” on the cover, with (perhaps) a picture of the CEO above it?
• Something for senior management – never to be read or engaged with by the wider Team?

Imagine if your business plan was an inspiring piece of work:

• Easy to read and understand
• Telling a story, involving everyone
• Presenting the key performance drivers in an engaging and challenging way
• Credible, authentic, and implementation-focused?

team-866663__180Now imagine that those key performance drivers weren’t all about costs of acquisition, costs per employee and so on, but instead majored on “Team Satisfaction”, “Collaboration”, “Communication”, “Innovation”, “Implementation”, and “Customer Delight”?

A business plan that sets out a strategy that is coherent, compelling, and congruent with…

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