Customer Experience: So, What Is It That You Do, Exactly?

I’m often asked to explain what exactly it is that I do.

Happy Teams = Happy Customers

The short answer is: I help Retail, Tourism and Hospitality organisations increase sales, productivity and profitability through creating POSITIVE Customer Experiences, Communication and Leadership.

The next question is, what’s “Customer Experience” – how does it differ from “Customer Service”?

Well, in simple, Customer Experience is not just about service (although that’s part of it, obviously). It’s about how you deliver the TOTAL experience of your brand or organisation’s culture, values and activities – involving all the senses, and all the people who are involved in the experience – not just customers, but also employees, partners and stakeholders.

Why is this important?

Did you know that:

The POSITIVE Compass

Having distilled the experience of 25 years and 30 million customers into my POSITIVE Customer Experience programmes, I work with ambitious, creative organisations like yours, to create POSITIVE Experiences for teams and customers, leading to POSITIVE business results: better engagement, better loyalty, better productivity.

What I Do

I will help you to:

  • Recruit, inspire, motivate and retain people and teams who will deliver the best possible experience of your brand
  • Improve sales through identifying opportunities and creating simple, actionable plans to exploit them
  • Develop products and services that will extend your brand and help you to stand out from the competition
  • Design and develop the spaces where your brand comes to life

At the heart of what I can do for you is my diagnostic and planning tool Project STARS.

STARS Customer Experience Model
STARS Customer Experience Model

The number one reason many organisations fail to maximise their potential is poor communication. My programme It’s a Zoo Around Here will transform the way your teams communicate with each other and with your customers.

How I Work With You

My practical, engaging style fuses real-life stories with motivational approaches to the challenges and opportunities my clients face:

  1. We’ll look at what these insights and support could be worth to you – what would you like to get back in say the next three months?
  2. Then we will look at the opportunities you are (or may be) missing – and work out a quick strategy to get that return on your investment.
  3. After that, we will create a longer term plan (Project STARS) which will in part act as a business case for the resources you need.
  4. Training doesn’t have to be expensive – too often organisations pay £000s for courses that deliver little or no impact. My trainings are action-oriented and results-focused. Above all they are about treating people as intelligent human beings who will work out, and own, their own way of delivering excellence.

What to Do Now

Let’s talk about the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation:

T. +44 (0)7921 812253

About Me

Many of the UK’s most prestigious Retail, Tourism and Hospitality brands, including Hamleys, the Royal Collection, Historic Royal Palaces, the National Trust for Scotland and The O2 have employed or partnered with me to create or transform authentic, innovative and profitable customer experiences.

I created “the most successful souvenir shop in Britain” (according to Mary Portas) for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, I ran a rock ‘n’ roll museum for legendary promoter Harvey Goldsmith, and I developed the team that opened London’s first cable car, linking two of the busiest London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic venues.

As well as my formal and consulting roles I co-founded two major public/private sector initiatives to drive business creativity and customer experience – The Tourism Innovation Group and Pride & Passion for Scotland, and I led the development and management of a radically different approach to customer service training for the Scottish tourism and hospitality sectors.

What They Say

“Stephen coordinated the client and consultancy teams, directing the application of radical change. He demonstrated great collaborative and steering skills ensuring the success of the applied design and substantially increased retail sales” – Gary Wilburn, Director of Design and Sustainability, HPW Architecture

“Stephen is an inspiring consultant and his input has helped us enormously” – Alastair Cunningham, Founder Director, Scottish Clans and Castles Ltd

“Stephen is an extremely competent speaker and is a bundle of high energy. His workshop It’s A Zoo Around Here is full of laughs as well as valuable information. His approach to communication is very unique to what I have seen but is also easily digestible information. I have also purchased his book (co-written with Nigel Risner) which is again – full of useful information!

“If you need to better the communication in your business and want to do it in a fun, unique way – Stephen is your guy!” – Kelly Culver, #20 Kent’s Top 30 Under 30, Marketer, Event Manager & Entrepreneur

4 thoughts on “Customer Experience: So, What Is It That You Do, Exactly?

    1. Hi Frederika, thanks for your comment! Customer Experience is, I’d argue, one of the key strategic issues for organisations today: not just because it influences customer buying behaviours and loyalty, but also because it’s fundamentally about how organisations engage and support employees, other stakeholders (e.g. volunteers) and thereby create sustainable, worthwhile jobs. It’s good business – in every sense!


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