Happy Birthday to my Best Ever Boss

On this special day, I’m sure I share the sentiments of millions regarding the latest milestone The Queen has reached.

Unlike many however, I think of Queen Elizabeth II not just as our Head of State and a constant presence in our lives for as long as most of us can remember, but also as the best boss I ever hSS HMQ 2 Smad.

I’ve posted before about the way I was inducted into the Royal Collection: “Welcome to the best job in the world!” It may seem obvious that working within the Royal Household would be rather a nice gig – however I regard it as such because the organisation (the Royal Collection) itself was in many ways exemplary:

  • It had (and has) clear, consistent leadership
  • The leader embodies the values of the organisation
  • It has extremely high standards
  • It does things properly
  • It has a clear purpose, which translates into simple strategy
  • It rewards individuals on merit, in a range of non-financial ways

That’s all I wanted to say really. As a charity, and as a conservation charity in particular, the Royal Collection has an operating model that is second to none in my experience. That has been achieved through hiring (and later, developing) good people to move the organisation forward, whilst doing nothing to undermine its essential status and dignity.

And that would have been incalculably more difficult (if not impossible) had not that status and dignity, combined with pragmatism and humour, been embodied in the leader, my best ever boss.

Long may she reign!

Stephen Spencer is a keynote speaker, business coach and consultant, helping organisations create better Customer Experiences to unlock team and profit potential. He has over 25 years’ experience as a leader, trainer and experience developer with some of the UK’s most prestigious Retail, Tourism and Hospitality brands. Sign up for Stephen’s POSITIVE Customer Experience newsletter here.


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