Project STARS: Turn Your “Payroll Cost” Into Realised Potential

Friday 1st sees the new National Living Wage launched: an OPPORTUNITY for every business awaits. Employees’ motivation WILL get a boost; how long and how productive a boost lies in the hands of every employer…

Stephen Spencer & Associates

The real challenge for every consumer-facing business is not the rising cost of doing business: it is changing the way we think about costs.

I’ve previously posted about the defeatist mentality of businesses that are locked into a downward spiral of cost-cutting – the only possible outcome of which is the alienation of employees first, and then of customers. Think BHS today, and WHS – if not tomorrow, then soon. You read it here first!

As I’ve said before, businesses need to become adept at delivering memorable, differentiated and personalised experiences – there truly isn’t any alternative (not even in online, or via increased deployment of technology). To do that, businesses must stop measuring only costs, and start measuring potential. Productivity doesn’t mean doing more with less, it means doing more with what you have.

In other words, this is about focusing and energising the whole organisation: becoming truly…

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