Dolazak u Hrvatsku: Coming to Croatia

Radujem se povratku u Hrvatsku! Ja ću razgovarati s ove turističke konferenciji 6. travnja .

Uživao sam u posjetu tamo prije ; To je lijepa zemlja . Ovaj put ću biti dijeljenja uvid u naslijeđe turizma i iskustva kupaca. Ja ću biti dijeljenja tajne bolju komunikaciju – s nekim iznenađenja !

Yes – I’m excited to be returning to Croatia on 6th April to speak at a conference entitled Innovation and Sustainable Development of Special Interest Tourism Productsorganised by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies.

The last time I was in Zagreb, on a tourism trade mission, our party was given “special protection” by the British Embassy as we were taken to watch Croatia play England in a Euro 2008 qualifying game. As it turned out, the match ended in an embarrassing defeat for England, however I most remember the walk back to the hotel – no protection needed, only the good grace to enjoy the noisy exuberance of the home celebrations!

This time I’ll be giving two presentations: Heritage Tourism: how is it adapting to the new world? and Customer Experience: innovations in the travel and tourism experience and why it matters. I’m very much looking forward to sharing insights into the future development of heritage tourism and the customer experience, as well as to learning much more and spending time in this fine city.

You can read more about the conference here. I’ll be sharing some of my material, and no doubt some travel anecdotes, in future posts.

Nadam se da je moja Hrvatska ima smisla, i nadam se da se vidimo u Zagrebu !

Stephen Spencer is a keynote speaker, business coach and consultant, helping organisations create better Customer Experiences to unlock team and profit potential. He has over 25 years’ experience as a leader, trainer and experience developer with some of the UK’s most prestigious Retail, Tourism and Hospitality brands. Sign up for Stephen’s POSITIVE Customer Experience newsletter here.



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