Oh, What a Night! Sharing Awesome Communication Secrets

LionWhat a night we had at Create in Canterbury’s Fruitworks ! Create’s mission is simple and uplifting: “Create for change, for innovation, for discovery, for you.”

This business networking event (“Awesome people talking about awesome things”) gave me the opportunity to share a taster of my Communication programme “It’s a Zoo Around Here” – you can watch the whole presentation here.

And here are seven things you should know about the programme:

  1. No organisation can function well without excellent communication
  2. Every organisation can function better with excellent communication
  3. Every person has their own communication style; their own “map of the world”
  4. So, excellent communication depends on being able to identify the communication style of everyone in your team  and adapt your own style – and for everyone else in the team to do the same
  5. And, building better, more productive, lasting relationships with customers depends on excellent communication too
  6. HOWEVER – most communication profiling tools, excellent though they are, are too complicated in practice and are therefore rarely used to improve communication
  7. “It’s a Zoo Around Here” is different because it is easy to understand and use, quick to learn, and fun to put into practice – helping you get better results from your relationships with all personality types and Communication preferences:

– The visionary, single-minded Lion
– The playful, extrovert Monkey
– The careful, analytical Elephant
– The caring, supportive Dolphin

The images in this post give you a flavour of the Create presentation; and below you can read some of the (very gratifying) feedback received. I’m delighted to report that a number of the organisations represented would like me to work with their teams to help them improve their communication, their relationships, and their results.

If you’d like to know more about “It’s a Zoo Around Here” and how your business could benefit, everything you need to know is here.

And now, here’s the feedback:Elephant 2

“No 2 people have the same map of the world – so true! Real gem from @PositiveStephen”

“Brilliant evening #FWcreate seriously funny Communications talk from @PositiveStephen”

“Fantastic talk by @PositiveStephen at @FruitWorksCo It’s a zoo in here!”

“Thanks for coming Stephen, you gave a brilliant talk much appreciated by all, hope to see you there again”

“Thanks so much for coming along, you were amazing!”

“You are an awesome presenter – very very VERY inspirational, made a huge impact!”

Stephen Spencer is a keynote speaker, business coach and consultant, helping organisations create better Customer Experiences to unlock team and profit potential. He has over 25 years’ experience as a leader, trainer and experience developer with some of the UK’s most prestigious Retail, Tourism and Hospitality brands. Sign up for Stephen’s POSITIVE Customer Experience newsletter here.




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