All You Need for Christmas…is a Plan for 2016

I hope your organisation is on course for a highly successful Christmas trading season. If you’d like to improve your results by at least 5% there’s still time! You’ll find a link to my Five Festive Tips below.

Of course, every successful Leader will have one eye firmly fixed on maximising revenues between now and the New Year, and the other on how to make 2016 “the best year ever”. If that’s not your aim for next year – again, there’s still time!

In the Customer Experience Expert Briefing you’ll find the following, easily-digested articles and tips to help you inspire action and maximise productivity:

  • My Top Five Festive Tips – for life, not just for Christmas
  • The key to unlocking the Latent Profit in your business
  • Reflections on inspiring Leadership
  • The POSITIVE approach to business planning
  • Tips for influencing buying behaviours
  • A Christmas gift idea that could transform your family and business relationships – Scrabble and Monopoly can’t compete with this!

To access all this and more, just click here. If you find the Customer Experience Expert Briefing valuable, don’t forget to sign up to receive future editions, and please do share it within your networks.

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