How to Give Your Customers an Upgrade – For Peanuts

Six Top Tips for upgrading your Customer Experience – whatever your budget: #POSITIVEtip #custexp

Stephen Spencer & Associates

IMG_2546I’m not talking about ripping your Customers off – just that there are ways to upgrade your standard offering that cost you very little.

To explain what I mean, I was upgraded this week – in a hotel I regularly use, where the rooms are fairly basic, but it has free wi-fi throughout, and a Starbucks, so it works for me.

The upgrade in question is billed as “The Most Unbelievable Upgrade Yet” – so my expectations were set high! The detailed offer was as follows:

  • “Free access to the Health & Fitness Club, 20m pool, steam and sauna
  • Great bed
  • Bose speaker dock
  • Sky movies
  • Snuggly duvet
  • Starbucks
  • Upgraded toiletries”

So far so appealing. my experience however, left something to be desired. It was as if someone in a meeting had had an idea – “The Most Unbelievable Upgrade Yet” – a budget had been allocated, the investment in decor…

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