That Was The (National Customer Service Week) That Was!

My latest newsletter (henceforth to be known as the Customer Experience Expert Briefing) is out: you can read it here.

On National Poetry Day (celebrated, it has to be said, with rather more enthusiasm and profile than last week’s National Customer Service Week),  inspired by a brilliant website featuring pop songs re-written as Shakespearean sonnets, I decided, as a tribute both to Poetry and Customer Service, to write a sonnet on the subject of Customer Service! Based on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, it goes as follows:Shakespeare

On Productivity and Service

Shall I compare Service to a summer’s day?
It is heart-warming and more lucrative:
Sour faces chase the Customers away
And rob the Team of all they have to give:
Some companies invest, and their Teams shine,
Supported and engaged to give their best;
Whilst others scrimp on skills, and sales decline,
The latter fail the Productiv’ty test;
But our London 2012 boost must not fade:
Business – the National Living Wage thou owest!
But – one percent more effort ‘cross the trade –
By £1.43 billion will thou growest!
So long as people breathe, their eyes can see
Leaders who get it! This gives wealth to thee!

Find out what connects Customer Service, Productivity, the National Living Wage and London 2012 in my Blog; and read the full Customer Experience Expert Briefing here.

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