POSITIVE Leaders Love…Productivity

This month I’m fairly obsessed with the subject of Productivity. It’s not just me – the Government is focussing on it too. Applied to the Service industries, I see the opportunity for greater Team engagement, better Service, and the achievement of what I call Latent Profit, wherever I go.

So this month, Productivity is the theme of my newsletter. I’ve tried to add as much value as possible; the highlights include:

  • Using the POSITIVE Leader’s programme to boost Productivity
  • A hard-hitting Quote of the Week from Seth Godin
  • Humour – a ‘new visitor attraction’ that will resonate if you’ve ever worked in one, or been to one!
  • Five ways to ensure you know what’s really going on in your organisation (if you can handle it!)
  • Service Moment of the Week – a small act of personalisation that humanised a corporate policy

Underlying the POSITIVE philosophy is the idea that Leaders are transparent, authentic, and embrace the Truth in everything they and the organisation do. If you don’t know what’s really happening, how can you hope to improve it? So here’s a quote I found today, that makes this point really well:

Bad leaders may edit the truth for fear of causing discomfort. Good leaders accept that the truth is often uncomfortable.” – Simon Sinek

You can read, subscribe to and share the newsletter here. As ever, to suggest a topic for a future issue, just leave a comment below.


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