Creating Great Experiences: Three Fun-damentals

In previous posts I’ve talked about the fundamentals of Leadership; today I want to talk about the fundamentals of building projects or organisations that deliver great experiences – for Customers, Stakeholders and Teams, and also for Leaders: why shouldn’t everyone have Fun?

In my recent post on the subject of High Street regeneration I argued that every such project needs a SPACE MAN – the essential attributes of a vibrant undertaking, to be found (or awakened) in a small group of individuals at first; subsequently to create the Tipping Point from which every movement grows and thrives.

And yet, every SPACE MAN needs a structure and a discipline, informed by the Mission and Strategy, enabling success to be not only reached but also sustained.

Briefly, here are the three fundamentals which constitute the structure of any Project or Organisation:

1. SERVICE – the business model, if you like, or if you prefer, the way your Project or Organisation is structured.  Using a

Disney Picture1Service Excellence Model you can design, resource, execute and measure your Project.  Above all, you can ensure that it stays Customer-focused, Team-focused and that the Experience you create stays true to your Purpose.

2. COMMUNICATION – no matter how good the plan, any – ANY – Project will struggle to take off if Communication isn’t working as well as possible. (Hint – this is one of those destinations you will rarely reach. Let this simple truth be your ever-present guide: “The meaning of Communication is the response you get.” Communication is about LISTENING.)  Everyone has their own Communication style and – especially in the Social Age – “Perception is all there is.”

3. LEADERSHIP – beyond (perhaps behind) the Strategic plan, the Operational plan, the People plan, and the

Eyes on the HorizonCommunication plan, is someone who is accountable for the outcome.  Yes, it’s the Leader (or Leadership Group). Just as important as anything else in the project is the effectiveness of the Leader – yet so often, Leaders and Leadership are at best taken for granted, and at worst, regarded as actually detrimental to the smooth running of the project!  (I can’t resist referring to my post on political Leadership at this point.)  Essentially, however, it must be recognised that Leadership is extremely challenging: Leaders must be developed, nurtured and supported if they are to thrive.

So – if you are a Leader, and if you want to be more successful, take time to evaluate your Organisation and yourself/your Leadership Group.  Ask yourself, and crucially, ask others (someone you personally trust, plus your Team) to rate your current attainment on a scale of 1-10, for each of these three fundamentals.  Once you have done so, prioritize and take ACTION to move forward, as quickly as possible.  And of course – whatever actions you take, will require specific, appropriate, two-way, Communication!

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And finally, to discover the POSITIVE approach to Leadership click here.

Designing great Experiences is a privilege – let’s make sure it’s also Fun!

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