The Model You Need

Let’s assume you – the leader of ‘’ – that is, your organisation, business, or department – are clear on the following, and that you continuously live them and communicate them, AUTHENTICALLY, to your Team, Clients and stakeholders:

  • Your WHY – your PURPOSE and the source of your PASSION
  • Your DIRECTION – what success will look like, and the route you will take, including milestones

Now it’s time to start thinking about your ORGANISATION – how you will coordinate and manage  your resources to ensure that ‘’ travels purposefully in pursuit of your WHY, in the RIGHT direction, taking everyone you need to take with you along the way.

To do this, I want to share a simple model – the Service Excellence Model – that will enable you to stand back, or fly up in your helicopter, as you prefer, and observe how the whole organisation works (or should work).  In addition, the model will allow you to communicate, simply and succinctly, to everyone in your organisation, how a (i.e. your) customer-facing business works.

Disney Picture1The model – which was most powerfully drawn by Disney, and subsequently adopted/adapted by many world class product and service organisations, consists of five elements:

  1. Leadership – as previously discussed, setting a purposeful vision and a clear direction
  2. Setting (or Service Environment) – where the service is delivered, the product bought and sold, where the Customer Experience happens
  3. Customer – Client, Guest, Partner, Stakeholder – all for whom what you do, must make a difference
  4. People – your Team – everyone who meets, interacts with, or serves the Customer
  5. Processes – the systems you put in place (the things that must happen) to deliver the required outcomes for 2, 3 and 4 above – be they regular, intermittent, or one-off activities.

Really, it’s as simple as that!  Using this simple model, Disney is able to orchestrate over 50,000 employees, making “magical moments” for over 18 million guests, at Walt Disney World, Florida, alone!

I would just add, that, obviously, the Setting will be for many businesses, virtual as well as physical; also that everyone external to your business, who comes into contact with it, should be treated as a Customer.

That’s it!  In my next post I will discuss how this model was applied to two very different organisations – and how it can be applied to yours too.

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